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SAP Cyber Threat Intelligence Report – November 2018

Posted by on in Terrorism
DZone Security Zone November experienced a lot of new vulnerabilities and cyber threats. by Alexander Polyakov The SAP threat landscape is always expanding and putting organizations of all sizes and industries at risk of cyber attacks. The idea behind the monthly SAP Cyber Threat Intelligence report is to provide insight into the latest security vulnerabilities and threats.Key Takeaways    The recent patch update consists of 16 patches with the majority of them rated medium.     The most common vulnerability types are Implementation Flaw and Denial of Service.     This month, SAP fixes a security vulnerability in SAP HANA Streaming Analytics with Hot News priority rating SAP Security Notes – November 2018SAP has released the monthly critical patch update for November 2018. This patch update closes 16 SAP Security Notes (12 SAP Patch Day Notes and 4 Support Package Notes ). Four of the patches are updates to previously released Security Notes.The...

Update on Enforcement of China’s Cybersecurity Law

Posted by on in Terrorism
The National Law Review by Amber C. Thomson Update on Enforcement of China’s Cybersecurity LawCompanies doing business in China may see an increase in enforcement actions with the enactment of a new cybersecurity regulation and the enforcement powers of the Public Security Bureaus (PSBs) officially codified. The regulation – Provisions on Internet Security Supervision and Inspection by Public Security Organs – is now in effect, more than a year after the enactment of the country’s Cybersecurity Law.The long-awaited regulation was issued pursuant to the Cybersecurity Law and provides guidance on how the country’s PSBs are expected to enforce the law. Specifically, under the new regulation, PSBs –China’s local and provincial police– may conduct inspections of network operators and internet service providers. These include companies that provide internet access, data centers, content distribution, and domain name services; internet information services; internet access to the public; and other internet services.Under the regulation,...
Brookings by Vanda Felbab-Brown The planet is experiencing alarming levels of species loss caused in large part by intensified poaching stimulated by a greatly expanding demand for animals, plants, and wildlife products. The rate of species extinction, now as much as 1,000 times the historical average and the worst since the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, deserves to be seen, like climate change, as a global ecological catastrophe meriting high-level policy initiatives to address its human causes. In addition to irretrievable biodiversity loss, poaching and wildlife trafficking pose serious threats to public health, with diseases such as Ebola, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), and various influenza types linked to the illegal wildlife trade, thus potentially causing global pandemics. Wildlife trafficking can also undermine human security of forest-dependent communities and cause local, national, and global economic losses. And under some circumstances, it can even pose threats to national security....
The Tower by TheTower.org Staff In separate actions the United States State Department targeted the son of Hezbollah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, and a notorious Hamas commander, Reuters reported Tuesday.Jawad Nasrallah, son of the Hezbollah leader, was designated by the State Department as a terrorist for attacks planned by him in the West Bank.In January 2016, Israeli authorities announced that they had broken up a terrorist cell in the West Bank that had been organized by the younger Nasrallah.The State Department also announced that it was designating Al-Mujahidin Brigades (AMB), which it accused of having ties to Hezbollah, as a terrorist organization. The sanctions mean that they are prevented from accessing assets that are under U.S. jurisdiction and that “U.S. persons are generally prohibited from engaging in any transactions with them.”The State Department said that the goal of these actions was to “expose and isolate them, and deny them access...

Law Enforcement Comes Out Strong Against New FIRST STEP

Posted by on in Terrorism
Washington Free Beacon by : Charles Fain Lehman Leaders of four law enforcement groups slammed the latest version of Senate criminal justice legislation in a Tuesday letter to lawmakers obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.Representatives of the Association of Federal Narcotics Agents, the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys, the National Association of Police Organizations, and the National Narcotics Officers' Associations' Coalition cosigned a letter in which they strenuously objected to the latest version of the FIRST STEP Act.If passed, FIRST STEP would reduce federal incarceration by implementing a new system of early release through "good time" credits, a proposal that could see as many as 4,000 people immediately released from federal detention. Bill proponent Jared Kushner is expected to pitch the new version, including revisions that cut mandatory minimums and expand judicial discretion, to President Donald Trump on Tuesday.If the bill gets Trump's sign off, many expect it to...

The Latest: NY El Chapo trial prompts intense security

Posted by on in Terrorism
ABC News By The Associated Press - NEW YORK The latest from the New York trial of the Mexican drug lord known as "El Chapo" (all times local):Noon:A lawyer for the Mexican drug lord known as "El Chapo" says he's ready to defend his client and has nothing to prove.Eduardo Balarezo spoke to journalists on Tuesday while entering the highly secured Brooklyn federal courthouse where Joaquin Guzman (wah-KEEN' gooz-MAHN') is being tried.One of the jurors was excused shortly before opening statements were set to begin. The reason was unclear.The lawyers and judge have been working to select a replacement. It's not known how long that will take.———11:20 a.m.Opening statements in the U.S. trial of Mexican drug lord known as "El Chapo" have been delayed because of a problem seating a full jury.One of the jurors selected for the New York City trial of Joaquin Guzman (wah-KEEN' gooz-MAHN') was excused shortly...
Click 2 Houston FBI arrests man for allegedly showing undercover agents how to make bomb Arizona man faces court hearing on Friday (CNN) - The FBI has arrested an Arizona man for demonstrating how to build a bomb and teaching others how to do so, according to recently unsealed court filings.Ahmad Suhad Ahmad of Tucson, Arizona, faces one count of distribution of information relating to explosives, destructive devices and weapons of mass destruction for showing FBI associates in Nevada how to build a bomb to be detonated in Mexico, according to the filing. Ahmad is scheduled for a detention and preliminary hearing at 10:30 a.m. Friday before Magistrate Judge Eric Markovich in US District Court of Arizona, according to the docket."We look forward to our day in court," said Walter I. Gonçalves, the public defender representing Ahmad, when reached by CNN. "Mr. Ahmad is presumed innocent and we look forward...

UK police arrest man, woman in terrorism crackdown

Posted by on in Terrorism
Madison.com LONDON (AP) — British police say two people have been arrested in north London on suspicion of violating the Terrorism Act.Police said Friday a 57-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman are being questioned at a London police station. They have not been charged or identified.Police say the man was arrested on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts and the woman was arrested on suspicion of possessing money or property for "the purposes of terrorism."Addresses in north London and Luton, north of the city, are being searched in connection with the arrests.London's official terrorism threat is judged to be severe, indicating that intelligence analysts believe an attack is highly likely. Read more: https://madison.com/news/world/uk-police-arrest-man-woman-in-terrorism-crackdown/article_21b4cc00-f2a2-5a44-aad6-4a4b83d7d42b.html...

Michigan: Flint airport attacker convicted of terrorism

Posted by on in Terrorism
Detroit Free Press Associated Press A man who drove to Michigan from Montreal and stabbed an airport police officer has been convicted of terrorism and other crimes.It was a slam dunk for federal prosecutors: Witnesses saw Amor Ftouhi attack Lt. Jeff Neville at the Flint airport and wrestled him to the ground.Ftouhi was convicted of three crimes Tuesday. He's a Tunisian who was living in Montreal at the time of the June 2017 stabbing.Investigators say Ftouhi wanted to stab Neville , take his gun and start shooting people in the airport. He legally drove into the U.S. at Champlain, New York, and arrived in Flint five days later. He tried but failed to buy a gun at a gun show and instead bought a large knife.Neville survived. Read more: https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/11/13/flint-airport-attacker-amor-ftouhi/1990504002/...
Dayton Daily News By Mark Gokavi, Staff Writer In the hours before Laith Alebbini went to the Cincinnati airport to allegedly fly overseas to join ISIS in April 2017, he argued with family members who begged him not to go, a prosecutor said during Tuesday’s opening statements of Alebbini’s terrorism trial in Dayton’s U.S. District Court.In a purported text conversation with his sister, shown to U.S. District Court Judge Walter Rice via television display, Alebbini’s sister Lina told her brother that she has a class on terrorism and that regarding ISIS, “I swear to God, this is terrorism.” In his final response, Alebbini texted back:“Do you think I am a criminal?“I am a terrorist.“I am mujahid.” Read more: https://www.daytondailynews.com/news/terrorism-trial-prosecution-cites-texts-defense-says-isis-communication-never-happened-opening-statements/bPSeDgmydRpOTZqmcCpG6K/...

Radical Muslim Group Operates Commune in California

Posted by on in Terrorism
Radical Muslim Group Operates Commune in California By Clarion Intelligence Network Clarion Intelligence Network has learned that a radical and militant Islamist group is operating a commune in California.The Miraj compound, located in Dunlap, California, is home to a group of radical Islamists connected to the extremist Black nationalist Muslim group Al-Ummah (The Community).The compound attracts a steady stream of affiliated individuals and families who camp on the compound’s property. Many who visit the compound — for retreats or year-round stays — are convicted felons released from prison and who converted to Islam in prison.The group has many similarities to Jamaat ul-Fuqra (Community of the Impoverished), a radical Islamist group in the U.S. aligned with the Pakistani radical cleric Sheikh Muhiyudden Ali Shah Gilani.Gilani has been linked to the 2001 beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. (Fuqra also goes by the name of Muslims of America.)In addition to...
Arutz Sheva 7Some French policemen have refused to protect synagogues. Is there a pattern emerging here? by Giulio Meotti, What if the Islamists have infiltrated the law enforcement agencies in France?Bfmtv just revealed that an official member of the Service de la Protection, who guarded high profile personalities, is accused of links with Islamic radicalism. The Directorate General of Internal Security found that the official, a Muslim, manifested "disturbing” behavior. The officer protected Charlie Hebdo's director, “Riss”, who was injured in that deadly attack.A confidential note from the Paris Prefecture of Police, which ended up on the pages of Le Parisien, had already provided detailed information on 17 cases of radicalized policemen between 2012 and 2015. Some of these have openly refused to protect synagogues.The weekly Le Point has published also disturbing data on the situation of security devices: internal intelligence has sifted through the profiles of 3,500 employees of...
The Yeshiva World An IDF Officer was R”L killed, and another in critical condition late Sunday night, after an operation in Gaza.According to initial information, undercover Israeli special forces drove a civilian vehicle deep into the Gaza Strip and shot dead a senior Hamas commanders.Palestinian media is reporting that senior Hamas commander Nour Baraka was eliminated.Hamas says they chased the car down, and opened fire on the occupants, which prompted Israeli airstrikes that led to the deaths of at least five terrorists.The Israeli military said only that there had been an exchange of fire during operational activity. It said that its rocket defense system intercepted two launches from the Gaza Strip and that air raid sirens were sounding in southern Israel.IDF choppers were seen landing at Soroka Medical Center, and sources confirm to YWN that at least 3 soldiers were airlifted to the facility. One of them was in extremely...
Haaretz Commanders describe a mixture of lone-wolf attacks, local independent groups and terror cells receiving orders from Hamas leadership in Lebanon and Gaza by Amos Harel In the territories, the Palestinians seem to be having difficulty reconciling themselves to Netanyahu’s absolute conviction that the conflict regarding the occupation is over and done. Appearing before the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee earlier this week, the head of the Shin Bet security service, Nadav Argaman, warned about the possibility of a steep increase in terrorism in the West Bank. Within the past several days, two Israelis were lightly injured by gunfire in the West Bank, on a bus north of Ramallah, and two stabbing attempts were foiled. Separate visits to two regional brigade commanders in the West Bank within a week paint a similar picture. The number of rock-throwing incidents has been on the rise, as have the number of attempted...
By Ryan Gaydos | Fox NewsA knife attack that left one dead and two others wounded Friday in Australia’s second-largest city in the middle of rush hour is linked to terrorism, police said.The standoff in Melbourne came after police responded to reports of a burning vehicle. Officers were confronted by a man “brandishing a knife and threatening them,” while passers-by alerted police that people had been stabbed, Victoria state police Superintendent David Clayton, said.The suspect, who wasn’t immediately identified, was shot by police and later died at a hospital. Officers tried to “talk the suspect down” and used a Taser before shooting him, Sky News Australia reported.The man, who was originally from Somalia, was known to the police and the incident is being treated as terrorism, Victoria state police Commissioner Graham Ashton said.It wasn’t clear whether the man deliberately set the vehicle on fire, Ashton said. There were gas canisters...
WBZ 4 Boston By Beth Germano CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – It’s a question the manager of the Middle East nightclub in Cambridge immediately thought of as he learned of the deadly shooting at a California bar, “Could it happen here?”Keeping patrons secure at the long-time establishment that can hold hundreds of people for concerts any given night is often reviewed and means several things. “We have panic bars on doors that push out, we’re up to code with emergency exits, so we hope we’re prepared for any kind of emergency,” said manager Ned Wellbery pointing to six different exits in one room alone. At the door he says there are security guards and patrons can undergo pat-downs but what happened in California is a club’s worst nightmare. “We have a strict no weapons policy so the club can’t arm security guards,” he said. “We have detail cops but that’s as far...
The Wall Street Journal Officer rushed into Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks after call came in about shooting By Scott Calvert and Jon KampSgt. Ron Helus was on the phone with his wife late Wednesday night when a call came in about a shooting at a country-western bar in Thousand Oaks, Calif.“Hey, I gotta go handle a call. I love you. I’ll talk to you later,” he said before hanging up, according to Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean.Sgt. Helus, 54 years old, was fatally shot after rushing into Borderline Bar & Grill, the sheriff said. “He went in there to save people and made the ultimate sacrifice,” Sheriff Dean said at a news briefing Thursday.A 29-year veteran of the sheriff’s office, Sgt. Helus was within a couple of years of retirement, Sheriff Dean said. He was the father of a grown son, a fly-fishing enthusiast and had his...
By Judicial Watch The overwhelming majority of illegal drugs in the United States already come from Mexico and Mexican traffickers are the greatest criminal threat to the nation, but things are about to get worse when Mexico’s new leftwing president takes over.His name is Andrés Manuel López Obrador (known popularly as AMLO), he opposes hardline anti-drug policies and believes in amnesty for drug war criminals. A State Department document obtained by Judicial Watch warns that Obrador, who takes over on December 1, will seek to decriminalize marijuana and poppy cultivation early in his term. He will also end Mexican military intervention in the drug war and pardon some drug offenders, according to the document which was issued recently by the agency’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security and is titled “Mexico’s Drug War & AMLO” and subtitled “Crime; Drug Trafficking; Narco-Terrorism.”Narco-violence and cartel-associated crime is already one of most dangerous threats against...

NYC subway terror bombing suspect found guilty

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ABC News by AARON KATERSKY A Bangladeshi immigrant charged with detonating a homemade pipe bomb in a passageway between subway stations in New York City was found guilty on all charges Tuesday.Akayed Ullah, 28, was accused of detonating and attempting to detonate a bomb in a subway station near the Port Authority Bus Terminal on December 11, 2017.He was indicted in January for providing and attempting to prove material support to ISIS, using a weapon of mass destruction, bombing a public transportation system and conducting a terrorist attack, among other federal charges.During the trial, jurors were shown surveillance video of Ullah leaving his home, getting onto the subway and finally getting burned when his bomb went off. Ullah was seen splayed on the ground as police officers approached with guns drawn.After the verdict was announced in Manhattan federal court, Ullah said he was upset with President Trump but the defense...

Louis Farrakhan Leads 'Death to America' Chant in Iran

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The Clarion Project Notorious anti-Semite and leader of the Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan led Iranians in the chant “Death to America” while on a solidarity visit to the Islamic Republic, reported The Algemeiner.The visit came ahead of the re-imposition of crushing U.S. sanctions against Iran scheduled to go into effect today, November 5.The event featuring Farrakhan was held on Sunday, November 4, the 39th anniversary of the takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979.Farrakhan also led the crowd in the chant “Death to Israel.” He recently referred to Jews as the “synagogue of Satan” and “termites.”Crushing new U.S. sanctions will hit Iran’s oil, energy and shipping sectors, as well as the country’s financial markets.Farrakhan has been feted in the U.S. by prominent women “activists” including sharia-apologist Linda Sarsour and her co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington, Tamika Mallory, who praised Farrakhan as GOAT (Greatest of All...